Bis: Return to Central (Deluxe)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bis

Title: Return to Central (Deluxe)
Label: Do Yourself in

2001's "Return to Central" saw Bis rip up their own rule book. Not even the most fanatical fan could have envisaged the leap to "Return to Central". Spending most of 2000 in a basement with banks of synthesizers, samplers and Eno records, Manda Rin (now with whispered vocals), Sci-Fi Steven and John Disco created the cinematic. "What You're Afraid Of", the sweeping MB indebted "The End Starts Today", the Moog-heavy disco of "Protection" and the sad euphoria of great-lost-hit "Silver Spoon" - the massive sonic departure divided the remaining fan base and was the band's last album until 2014's "data Panik etcetera". Now in expanded form with un-released tracks of the era, remixes and the "Fact 2002" EP including the famous cover of "Love Will Tear US Apart"

1.1 What You're Afraid of
1.2 Silver Spoon
1.3 Black Pepper
1.4 The End Starts Today
1.5 Protection
1.6 Two Million
1.7 Chicago
1.8 Metal Box
1.9 We're Complicated
1.10 Robotic
1.11 A Portrait from Space
1.12 Don't Let the Rain Come Down
1.13 Make It Through
1.14 Sound of Sleet
1.15 Brainclouds
1.16 Heartless Particles
1.17 Return to Central
2.1 Robotic (Just Last Week) (Syndrum Mix)
2.2 Love Will Tear Us Apart
2.3 Hurt
2.4 Shack Up
2.5 Looking from a Hilltop
2.6 The European (7 Version)
2.7 Mamelodi Sundown
2.8 Situation
2.9 Love 2 Love U
2.10 The End Starts Today (Tommie Sunshines "Nail Me Down" Glasgow Summer Freestyle Mix)
2.11 Telephone Operator
2.12 Cubs (I Love You) (12 Version)
2.13 Protection (Ectomorph Chromium Version)
2.14 Robotic (Adult. Almost Instrumental Mix)

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