Dr. Leonard Scott

Dr. Leonard Scott: My Worship Experience

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Artist: Dr. Leonard Scott
Title: My Worship Experience

Bishop Leonard Scott is the patriarch of Tyscot Records, a song writer, worship leader and director! During the concert finale of the 2009 Harmony Conference in Indianapolis, IN an extraordinary encounter took place as singers, praisers, clergy and layman all gathered for the purpose of worshiping the living God in song! This phenomenal experience was captured on this new 2 CD Set, Bishop Leonard Scott presents My Worship Experience. Filled with exhortations, new school hymns and contemporary songs of praise this collection truly represents the spirit-filled atmosphere of that evening.

1.1 Did You Come to Praise Him
1.2 Oh That Man
1.3 The Joy of the Lord
1.4 Worship (Exhortation)
1.5 Greatness of Your Love
1.6 The Heavens Declare Thy Glory
1.7 The Heavens Declare (Reprise)
1.8 You Alone Are God
1.9 Praise (Exhortation)
1.10 Hosanna (Intro)
1.11 Hosanna
1.12 I Need You Now
1.13 Prophetic Worship (I Need You)
2.1 Give Your Life to Christ
2.2 Worship As a Lifestyle (Exhortation)
2.3 When the Music Stops
2.4 When the Music Stops (Testimony)
2.5 I Worship
2.6 Oh Lord I Love You
2.7 Worship in Giving (Exhortation)
2.8 Extraordinary
2.9 Worship in Giving Your Life (Exhortation)
2.10 New Praise

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