Bitter Peace

Bitter Peace: Ashes Of Oppression

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Artist: Bitter Peace

Artist: Bitter Peace
Title: Ashes Of Oppression

A carpet bombing of devastating black metal war hymns that will leave your soul immolated upon a bloody bayonet. Third and newest offering in Digi pack format. The war is here!

1.1 Atom Smashed Saviour
1.2 Voice of Reason
1.3 Perish in Flames
1.4 Seventh Moon
1.5 Rid the World
1.6 Eradication
1.7 Usurper of the Mantle
1.8 Damnations Wine
1.9 Shores of the Subconscious
1.10 Prison Earth
1.11 Slay the Oppressor
1.12 Choir of the Dead

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