Bizarre: Beautica

Bizarre: Beautica
Title: Beautica
Label: Seksound
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing. Seksound keeps up the brilliant work of rereleasing indie pearls from the past - this time it's the cult dreampop band Bizarre and their debut album from 1994. Beautica's reverb- drowned guitars and barely audible vocals once set the stage for Estonian indie scene, also paving way for Pia Fraus' entrance a few years later. Back in the day, Bizarre used to offer poetic-astral alternative to the more punkish Ro¨o¨vel O¨o¨bik but there is definitely more to Beautica than just dream painting. The noisy side of shoegazing may also be spotted. These seven tracks on the original cassette 23 years ago mark an important point in the Estonian alternative pop music tradition. It's a historical document representing a brave contact with worldwide atmospheric music trends. The vinyl has been mastered by Bizarre's base player and now a valued producer and sound wizard Lauri Liivak.

1.1 Slow
1.2 Ornaments
1.3 Beautica
1.4 Dream Reverence
1.5 Pearlshell Fairy
1.6 Broce´Liande
1.7 Painting the Silence

Bizarre: Beautica

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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