Bjork: Vespertine

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Artist: Bjork

Artist: Bjork
Title: Vespertine

An album as an opera. Pop music is theatrical, it lives on stories, constantly creating new characters of art. In addition, no other style has changed and influenced music reception so enduringly as pop music. Most people can draw biographical references on the map of pop music. So, it seems high time to open the doors of the opera to a new visitor. With it's symphonic elements, dramatic singing lines and ethereal choir vocals, Vespertine seems to be the perfect model for the complex project. OehmsClassics begins the new partnership with the Nationaltheater Mannheim (NTM Edition) with a bang. Rarely has a premiere in Germany experienced such a press echo as this did in May 2018.

1.1 Introduction [Chaos] 03:04
1.2 Hidden Place 05:29
1.3 Cocoon 05:31
1.4 The Birth of Uranus [Intermission] 01:19
1.5 It's Not Up to You 04:38
1.6 Uranus Covers the Earth 00:48
1.7 Undo 05:33
1.8 The Titans 00:56
1.9 Pagan Poetry 06:45
1.10 The Sickle [Intermission] 01:51
1.11 Frosti 02:56
1.12 Aurora 04:43
1.13 The Emasculation [Intermission]01:52
1.14 An Echo, a Stain 05:24
1.15 Sun in My Mouth 02:43
1.16 The Illuminated Man [Intermission]02:51
1.17 Heirloom 05:33
1.18 The Blood of Uranus 01:37
1.19 Harm of Will 05:46
1.20 The Birth of Aphrodite 01:00
1.21 Unison 05:33
1.22 The Golden Age 01:49

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