Blaak Heat

Blaak Heat: Shifting Mirrors

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Blaak Heat

Artist: Blaak Heat
Title: Shifting Mirrors
Product Type: VINYL LP

Los Angeles 'Heavy Mental' psych rock band Blaak Heat play intercontinental desert rock that engulfs your mind in images of mystic castle mirages, slamming both body and soul into an ocean of reverb fuzz. Recorded with world-renowned rock producer Matt Hyde (Deftones, Slayer), 'Shifting Mirrors' is a musical magic carpet ride littered with influences from '60s prog-rock, '70s Krautrock, Middle Eastern and world music. The end result is a timeless, vivid blend of thundering psychedelic rock and Arabian tonalities; an altar to heavy riffage, mind expansion, and social insurgencies.

1.1 Anatolia
1.2 Sword of Hakim
1.3 The Approach to Al-Mu'tasim
1.4 Taqsim
1.5 Ballad of Zeta Brown
1.6 Black Hawk
1.7 Mola Mamad Djan
1.8 Tamazgha
1.9 The Peace Within
1.10 Danse Nomade

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