Black Diamond

Black Diamond: Mandala

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Black Diamond

Title: Mandala
Label: Shifting Paradigm

Black Diamond thrives on the chemistry and compositions of saxophonists Artie Black and Hunter Diamond. Their music portrays an ensemble sound that enhances the identity of each artist with palettes of entrancing compatibility and polarizing individuality. They are proud to present their new recording "Mandala" in partnership with Shifting Paradigm Records. In Chicago, Black Diamond has been featured in residency at Andy's Jazz Club and the Drake Hotel. Other performances include associations with the Chicago Jazz Institute, Sounds of the City Workshop, Anagram Series, and the Chicago Jazz Composers Collective, among others. Black Diamond's debut recording, "Mandala," features bassist Matt Ulery and drummer Neil Hemphill. The album contains nine original works by Black and Diamond. The title is inspired by the Vajrayana Buddhist practice of sand painting. The intent of a mandala is to form a representation of the enlightened mind through layered grains of colored sand. The music on this recording represents the grains laid; the mandala composed.

1.1 Jim Jam on the Veranda
1.2 The Middle Way
1.3 Rudy's Mood
1.4 Eleanor ; Rufus
1.5 Jacunda
1.6 Mandala
1.7 Village Within the City
1.8 Clay Feet
1.9 Little Melody

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