Black Whales

Black Whales: Through the Prism Gently

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Artist: Black Whales

Artist: Black Whales
Title: Through the Prism Gently

Seattle-based psych-pop rock band Black Whales release their second full-length album entitled Through the Prism, Gently, with a limited edition colored vinyl component. Influenced by artists such as Kurt Vile, the Velvet Underground, and the Flaming Lips, their sound drifts between booming, almost danceable psychedelic anthems to darker and more ambient territories. Pulling heavily from groups that have inspired them over the years, the band draws comparisons to groups from 13th Floor Elevators and the Jesus and Mary Chain to more modern day contemporaries such as the War on Drugs and Crocodiles. Their unique sound has taken them around the US playing festivals from national events such as SXSW, CMJ, San Diego Music Thing, Sasquatch! And Bumbershoot.

1.1 Spilt Personalities
1.2 Avalon
1.3 The Warm Parade
1.4 Are You the Matador
1.5 Red Fantastic
1.6 Come Get Immortalized
1.7 No Sign of Life
1.8 O Fortuna
1.9 Do You Wanna Dance?
1.10 You Don't Get Your Kicks
1.11 Tiny Prisms
1.12 Metamorphosis

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