Blackhall & Bookless: Straightener

Blackhall & Bookless: Straightener
Title: Straightener
Label: Jaunt
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

For it's third release, Jaunt Records returns to the guiding hand of it's founders, Black hall & Bookless. "Straightener" is a techno bomb with lashings of low-end bass frequencies, sauntering about with an uncompromising swagger that'll tear up the dancefloor. "Differences" is a nifty creation that makes smart use of some clever drum work, a series of melodic charms, and a whiff of airy pads. Berlin's very own Mike Dehnert delivers two remixes of "Differences"; the first is full of bite, with simmering snares and a snaking baseline. The second is a taut and heavy affair, but also full of vigor.

1.1 Straightener Blackhall ; Bookless 06:45
1.2 Differences Blackhall ; Bookless 06:12
2.1 Differences (Mike Dehnert Remix 1) Blackhall ; Bookless, Mike Dehnert 05:50
2.2 Differences (Mike Dehnert Remix 2) Blackhall ; Bookless, Mike Dehnert 06:50

Blackhall & Bookless: Straightener

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Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE
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