Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton: Pure BS

$8.58 $9.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Blake Shelton

Title: Pure BS
Label: Warner Records

This deluxe edition features three previously unreleased tracks "Chances," "I Can't Walk Away" and the new single, a filled-with-strings cover of the Mic Michael Buble adult contemporary hit "Home."

1.1 This Can't Be Good
1.2 Don't Make Me
1.3 More I Drink
1.4 I Don't Care
1.5 She Don't Love Me
1.6 Back There Again
1.7 It Ain't Easy Bein' Me
1.8 What I Wouldn't Give
1.9 I Have Been Lonely
1.10 She Can't Get That
1.11 Last Country Song
1.12 Chances
1.13 I Can't Walk Away
1.14 Home

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