Blank & Jones

Blank & Jones: Relax Edition 10 (Ten)

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Blank & Jones

Title: Relax Edition 10 (Ten)
Label: Soundcolors

2017 two CD release. Sunkissed Grooves & Blissed Out Moods - Blank & Jones present the soundtrack for the summer with their tenth Relax installment. 20 new songs inspire with their unique mix of warm acoustic sounds and subtle electronic finesse. The handpicked guest vocalists Coralie Clement, Jason Caesar, Emma Brammer and Zoe Dee give the Balearic Vibes the special note.

1.1 Glow
1.2 Pure Shores (With Zoe Dee)
1.3 Pelican Bay
1.4 Jardin D'hiver (With Coralie Clement)
1.5 Barefoot on the Beach
1.6 10.000 Emerald Pools (With Zoe Dee)
1.7 Good
1.8 My Island
1.9 Snappiness
1.10 Wishing
2.1 Give It to Me (With Emma Brammer)
2.2 Caliente
2.3 Sun Starts Smiling (With Jason Caesar)
2.4 Flamingo
2.5 Optimistic
2.6 Spiritual
2.7 Island Trip
2.8 Everybody
2.9 Helios
2.10 El Bajo

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