Blasé Debris

Blasé Debris: Morfiend

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Blasé Debris

Artist: Blasé Debris
Title: Morfiend

The sinister sophomore release from New York's Blase Debris, dubbed by Amp Magazine as "the new kings of horror punk!." Combining the metal-tinged thrash of such greats as Motorhead with the gothic edge of Danzig, Blasé.

1.1 Lolita
1.2 Scissor Thief
1.3 Flat Black Sunshine
1.4 Tequila Polecat
1.5 Wassup Rockers
1.6 Ghouls Brigade
1.7 She Must Be Loved
1.8 She Wolf
1.9 From Dusk Til Dawn
1.10 El Chupacabra
1.11 All in the Gauze
1.12 Eyeliner
1.13 Vampira Sirens
1.14 The Outer Limits
1.15 Steady As She Goes
1.16 [CD-ROM Track]

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