Bleu Edmondson

Bleu Edmondson: Live At Billy Bob's Texas

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bleu Edmondson

Title: Live At Billy Bob's Texas
Label: Smith Music Group

The release of Bleu Edmondson - Live at Billy Bob's Texas cements Edmondson's standing as one of Texas's leading country/rock singer/songwriters. On the strength of his 2007 CD Lost Boy and 200 electrifying live shows a year, this exceptional artist has amassed a legion of passionate fans in Texas and beyond. Shot in June 2008, Bleu Edmondson - Live at Billy Bob's Texas captures all the incredible heat and intensity of the Bleu Edmondson Band preserving a very special moment in time in the evolution of this dynamic band for generations of fans to come. Edmondson's participation in this legendary series Live at Billy Bob's Texas has him following in the tradition of Willie, Pat Green, Cross Canadian Ragweed and a host of other Texas music icons. This CD features the hits like Last, Last Time which went to the top of the Texas Music Chart, 50 Dollars and a Flask of Crown, American Saint, and a bonus studio track of Finger on the Trigger.

1.1 American Saint 2. Jesus Is Crying 3. Last Call 4. Band Plays on 5. Lil' Bit Crazy 6. Back to You 7. Travelin' Man 8. Last Last Time 9. the Echo (Maybe Tonight) 10. Don't Fade Away 11. Laughing Right Out Loud 12. 50 Dollars and a Flask of Crown 13. Finger
1.2 Jesus Is Crying
1.3 Last Call
1.4 Band Plays on
1.5 Lil' Bit Crazy
1.6 Back to You
1.7 Travelin' Man
1.8 Last Last Time
1.9 The Echo (Maybe Tonight)
1.10 Don't Fade Away
1.11 Laughing Right Out Loud
1.12 50 Dollards and a Flask of Crown
1.13 Finger on the Trigger
1.14 Resurrection
1.15 Finger on the Trigger [Studio]

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