Blind Guardian: Night At The Opera (remixed & Remastered)

Blind Guardian: Night At The Opera (remixed & Remastered)
Title: Night At The Opera (remixed & Remastered)
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ
Product Type: VINYL LP

Blind Guardian - A Night At The Opera (Remixed & Remastered) - Active since 1984, Blind Guardian is one of the most influential & revered bands in the metal genre. Nuclear Blast is excited to release 3 of the band's classic albums on vinyl, remixed and remastered as well as bonus content. - A Night at the Opera is a 2002 album by the German power metal band Blind Guardian. It is named after the 1975 Queen album of the same name, which is itself named after the Marx brothers film of the same name. - This album continues a stylistic change from power metal into a more progressive sound, with multiple overlaid vocals, choirs, orchestral keys and guitar leads and less emphasis on powerful guitar riffs and heavy rhythms. As a result, drummer Thomas Stauch would leave the group, citing dissatisfaction with the direction the group was going in.

1.1 Precious Jerusalem (2012 Remix and Remaster)
1.2 Battlefield (2012 Remix and Remaster)
1.3 Under the Ice (2012 Remix and Remaster)
2.1 Sadly Sings Destiny (2012 Remix and Remaster)
2.2 The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight (2012 Remix and Remaster)
2.3 Wait for An Answer (2012 Remix and Remaster)
3.1 The Soulforged (2012 Remix and Remaster)
3.2 Age of False Innocence (2012 Remix and Remaster)
3.3 Punishment Divine (2012 Remix and Remaster)
4.1 And Then There Was Silence (2012 Remix and Remaster)
4.2 Age of False Innocence (Preproduction Mix 2018)
4.3 Under the Ice (Preproduction Mix 2018)

Blind Guardian: Night At The Opera (remixed & Remastered)

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