Blind Guardian

Blind Guardian: Tokyo Tales (Orange w/Black Splatter Vinyl)

$36.10 $41.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Blind Guardian

Title: Tokyo Tales (Orange w/Black Splatter Vinyl)
Label: Nuclear Blast Americ
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited to 300 worldwide - ORANGE with BLACK splatter vinyl in a gatefold jacket with insert.

1.1 Inquisition
1.2 Banish from Sanctuary
1.3 Journey Through the Dark
1.4 Traveler in Time
1.5 The Quest for Tanelorn
1.6 Goodbye My Friend
1.7 Time What Is Time
1.8 Majesty
1.9 Valhalla
1.10 Welcome to Dying
1.11 Lord of the Rings
1.12 Lost in the Twilight Hall
1.13 Barbara Ann

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