Blind Lemon

Blind Lemon: Bit O' Juice-Live

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Blind Lemon

Artist: Blind Lemon
Title: Bit O' Juice-Live

Winners of the Blues Association of South East Queensland Performer of the Year 2008. Blind Lemon are fast building a reputation amongst blues fans on the East Coast of Queensland and New South Wales as one of the hottest young bands around. A repertoire ranging from classic songs by Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix and Willie Dixon to the hits of modern blues stars such as John Poppers (Blues Traveller), Eric Clapton and Johnny Lang, gives Blind Lemon a veritable arsenal of rockin' blues tunes which keeps any crowd entertained all night. From upbeat double-time stomps to a good old Texas shuffle, this band covers a fair portion of the blues spectrum giving them complete variety. Solid rhythms pump along with rockin guitar and wailing harmonica to give Blind Lemon a contagiously energetic sound.

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