Bloc Party

Bloc Party: Intimacy

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bloc Party

Title: Intimacy
Label: V2 Int'l

Limited Australian two CD set adds the brand new single 'One More Chance' plus a bonus disc featuring a full live set recorded by Triple J at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney November 2008. Intimacy is the third album from the highly acclaimed British Post-Punk outfit. Intimacy is a fittingly up-close title for an album that is, immediately, in-your-face and in-your-ear. Bloc Party's third album is a thrillingly radical record, bristling with percussive innovation, scorching riffs, orchestral sampledelia, and biting emotional candor.

1.1 Ares
1.2 Mercury
1.3 Halo
1.4 Biko
1.5 Trojan Horse
1.6 Signs
1.7 One Month Off
1.8 Zephyrus
1.9 Talons
1.10 Better Than Heaven
1.11 Ion Square
1.12 Halo
1.13 Hunting for Witches
1.14 Positive Tension
1.15 Signs
1.16 Trojan Horse
1.17 Song for Clay
1.18 Banquet
1.19 One Month Off
1.20 The Prayer
1.21 Flux
1.22 Helicopter
1.23 Ares
1.24 Like Eating Glass
2.12 Ares [Live]
2.13 Like Eating Glass [Live]

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