Blondie: Eat to the Beat

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Artist: Blondie

Artist: Blondie
Title: Eat to the Beat

Always ahead of their time, Blondie cut a music video for each of the 12 songs on their classic Eat to the Beat album, and this CD/DVD combo collects all of 'em! Includes Dreaming; the Hardest Part; Accidents Never Happen; Atomic, and more.

1.1 Dreaming
1.2 The Hardest Part
1.3 Union City Blue
1.4 Shayla
1.5 Eat to the Beat
1.6 Accidents Never Happen
1.7 Die Young Stay Pretty
1.8 Slow Motion
1.9 Atomic
1.10 Sound-A-Sleep
1.11 Victor
1.12 Living in the Real World
1.13 Die Young Stay Pretty (Live)
1.14 Seven Rooms of Gloom (Live)
1.15 Heroes (Live)
1.16 Ring of Fire (Live)

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