Blondie: Parallel Lines

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Artist: Blondie

Artist: Blondie
Title: Parallel Lines

Blondie's songs and sultry swagger hit the tipping point in '78 and they leapt from hip new-wave band to full-fledged pop stars. Along with their all-time classics Heart of Glass and One Way or Another and the rest of the LP, this set includes a booklet with the album's photo session and a DVD with Heart of Glass; Picture This, and Hanging on the Telephone promo videos plus Sunday Girl from Top of the Pops !

1.1 Hanging on the Telephone
1.2 One Way or Another
1.3 Picture This
1.4 Fade Away and Radiate
1.5 Pretty Baby
1.6 I Know But I Don't Know
1.7 11:59
1.8 Will Anything Happen?
1.9 Sunday Girl
1.10 Heart of Glass
1.11 I'm Gonna Love You Too
1.12 Just Go Away
1.13 Once I Had a Love (The Disco Song 1976)
1.14 Bang a Gong (Get It on; Live)
1.15 I Know But I Don't Know (Live)
1.16 Hanging on the Telephone (Live)

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