Blood on the Wall

Blood on the Wall: Liferz

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Blood on the Wall
Title: Liferz

Their sophomore release, AWESOMER had an acute pop sensibility, an arsenal of hooks and an energy that left smiles on their audiences. Their third release is more diverse: The band balances their frenetic burts with tempered songs. For fans of: Mudhoney, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dead Moon, Pixies and the Wipers.

1.1 Hibernation
1.2 The Ditch
1.3 Liferz
1.4 Lightning Song
1.5 Junkee... Juliee
1.6 Go Go Go
1.7 Rize
1.8 Sorry Sorry Sarah
1.9 The X
1.10 Turn Around and Shut Up
1.11 Acid Fight

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