Blue Man Group

Blue Man Group: Complex

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Blue Man Group

Title: Complex
Label: Lava

Blue Man Group will release their first, full-fled ged rock 'n' roll album the Complex featuring gues t collaborations with Dan the Automator, Tracy Bon ham, Esthero, Josh Haden, Dave Matthews, and other s.

1.1 Above
1.2 Time to Start
1.3 Sing Along - Featuring Dave Matthews
1.4 Up to the Roof - Featuring Tracy Bonham
1.5 Your Attention
1.6 Persona - Featuring Josh Haden
1.7 Piano Smasher
1.8 White Rabbit - Featuring Esthero
1.9 The Current - Featuring Gavin Rossdale
1.10 I Feel Love - Featuring Venus Hum
1.11 Shadows Part 2 - Featuring Tracy Bonham ; Rob Swift
1.12 What Is Rock - Featuring Arone Dyer ; Peter Moore
1.13 The Complex - Featuring Peter Moore
1.14 Exhibit 13

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