Blues Pills

Blues Pills: Lady In Gold

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Blues Pills

Title: Lady In Gold
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

1.1 Lady in Gold
1.2 Little Boy Preacher
1.3 Burned Out
1.4 I Felt a Change
1.5 Gone So Long
1.6 Bad Talkers
1.7 You Gotta Try
1.8 Won't Go Back
1.9 Rejection
1.10 Elements and Things
2.1 High Class Woman (Live in Berlin)
2.2 Ain't No Change (Live in Berlin)
2.3 Bliss (Live in Berlin)
2.4 Dig in (Live in Berlin)
2.5 No Hope Left for Me (Live in Berlin)
2.6 Devil Man (Live in Berlin)
2.7 Black Smoke (Live in Berlin)
2.8 Little Sun (Live in Berlin)
2.9 Astralplane (Live in Berlin)
2.10 Elements and Things (Live in Berlin)
2.11 Black Smoke (Live in Berlin)
2.12 Little Sun (Live in Berlin)

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