Blurt: Cut It!

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Blurt

Title: Cut It!
Label: Improved Sequence
Product Type: VINYL LP

Still as unique and frenetic as ever, on this 2010 album (originally released only on CD) Blurt comprise sax-skronking frontman Ted Milton along with guitarist Steve Eagles and drummer David Aylward. "Cut It!" was the first new studio album from the band after a thirteen year hiatus, marking the welcome return of sax-toting poet-frontman Ted Milton. Sounding every bit as demented and inventive as on their reissues, Blurt mangle breakneck rhythms with out-there, disjointed free-jazz proclamations and smatterings of electronics. The lyrics are as weird and involving as ever too - a worthy return from this largely overlooked band. Dark and intense, Cut It! Was recorded with co-producer Sam Britton and features ten tracks.

1.1 Once More
1.2 Pure Scenario
1.3 Plunge
1.4 Cut It!
1.5 Hat
1.6 The Bells
1.7 Block
1.8 Gerbera
1.9 Sweete Thames
1.10 Minibar

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