Bo Diddley

Bo Diddley: Road Runner

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bo Diddley

Title: Road Runner
Label: Hoodoo Records

EU-only two CD collection from the Rock 'n' Roll legend. Legendary guitarist, gifted songwriter, master of rhythm, and snappy dresser, Bo Diddley (AKA the Originator) was all of these things and more. His syncopated hambone beat - bomp, ba-bomp-bomp, bomp-bomp - has become a cornerstone of Rockl music. Diddley surprised the music world in the mid-1950s when he unleashed a new guitar sound dominated by heavy rhythmic drive and distortion, which was quickly absorbed by other players. This remastered and quintessential set includes all the smash hits this singular pioneer recorded for Chess' subsidiary, Checker Records, between 1955 and 1962. It contains the most iconic songs of Diddley's career. Between hypnotic and rhythmic guitar lines and swaggering vocals, these songs serve up a young Bo Diddley at his raw and primal best. They give ample proof that even at the onset of his career Diddley didn't sound like anyone else in Rock 'n' Roll.

1.1 Bo Diddley
1.2 I'm a Man
1.3 Bring It to Jerome
1.4 Who Do You Love?
1.5 Dearest Darling
1.6 Diddley Daddy
1.7 Crackin' Up
1.8 Mona
1.9 Hey! Bo Diddley
1.10 Before You Accuse Me
1.11 Say! Boss Man
1.12 Diddy Wah Diddy
1.13 Willie and Lillie
1.14 Hush Your Mouth
1.15 She's Alright
1.16 Cops and Robbers
1.17 Say Man, Back Again
1.18 Cadillac
1.19 Come on Baby
1.20 Mumblin' Guitar
1.21 Road Runner
1.22 Scuttle Bug
1.23 Craw-Dad
1.24 Walkin' and Talkin'
1.25 Live My Life
1.26 Let Me in
1.27 Lazy Woman
1.28 Deed and Deed I Do
1.29 Cheyenne
1.30 Ride on Josephine
1.31 Gunslinger
1.32 Do What I Say
1.33 Sixteen Tons
1.34 Hong Kong, Mississippi
1.35 Bo's Vacation
1.36 Congo
1.37 You're Looking Good
1.38 Back Home
1.39 Say You Will
1.40 Travelin' West
1.41 (Extra Read All About It) "Ben"
1.42 Diana
1.43 Mama Mia
1.44 Same Old Thing
1.45 Gimme Gimme
1.46 Little Girl
1.47 Detour
1.48 Doin' the Jaguar
1.49 I'm Looking for a Woman
1.50 I Know
1.51 Watusi Bounce
1.52 All Together
1.53 Mr. Krushchev
1.54 Babes in the Woods
1.55 Mama Don't Allow No Twistin'
1.56 You Can't Judge a Book
1.57 By the Cover

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