Bob Chilcott

Bob Chilcott: Everyone Sang

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bob Chilcott

Title: Everyone Sang
Label: Naxos

Described by the Observer as "a contemporary hero of British Choral Music", Bob Chilcott is one of today's most widely performed composers of choral music. This program includes premiere recordings of favorites such as a Little Jazz Mass, songs and carols on a variety of texts, and the wit, wisdom and drama of Aesop's Fables in which Chilcott makes musical references to Brahms and Schubert. Winner of the coveted BBC Choir of the Year award in 2010, the Wellensian Consort is one of the United Kingdom's leading chamber choirs.

1.1 The Isle Is Full of Noises - Wellensian Consort
1.2 The Lily and the Rose - Gemma Beeson/Wellensian Consort
1.3 Everyone Sang - Wellensian Consort
1.4 Brightness - Wellensian Consort
1.5 The Good Side of Me - Wellensian Consort
1.6 Kyrie - Wellensian Consort/Will Todd Trio
1.7 Gloria - Wellensian Consort/Will Todd Trio
1.8 Sanctus - Wellensian Consort/Will Todd Trio
1.9 Benedictus - Wellensian Consort/Will Todd Trio
1.10 Agnus Dei - Wellensian Consort/Will Todd Trio
1.11 Our Father - Wellensian Consort
1.12 Mid-Winter - Gemma Beeson/Wellensian Consort
1.13 For Him All Stars Have Shone - Gemma Beeson/Wellensian Consort
1.14 The Rose in the Middle of Winter - Wellensian Consort
1.15 When the Sun Rises - Wellensian Consort
1.16 The Earth - Wellensian Consort
1.17 The Innermost House - Wellensian Consort
1.18 Come to the Great World - Wellensian Consort
1.19 The Hare and the Tortoise - Gemma Beeson/Wellensian Consort
1.20 The Mountain in Labour - Gemma Beeson/Wellensian Consort
1.21 The Fox and the Grapes - Gemma Beeson/Wellensian Consort
1.22 The North Wind and the Sun - Gemma Beeson/Wellensian Consort
1.23 The Goose and the Swan - Gemma Beeson/Wellensian Consort

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