Bob McGrath: Sing Me a Story

Bob McGrath: Sing Me a Story
Title: Sing Me a Story
Label: Bob's Kids Music

13 sensational and original songs that both kids and parents will enjoy! It's a great way to expose your child or class to the sounds of Pop, South African, Country, New Orleans Stride, March, Reggae, and Funk, all played by world-class musicians. '.other certain favorites include the endearing opening song Everyone Asked about You and Your Face, which offers plenty of opportunities to learn about the parts of your face while making some funny faces

1.1 Everyone Asked About You
1.2 Zip-Zing-Flip-Flop
1.3 Your Face
1.4 Will You Read Me a Story
1.5 Fishin' for a Ticklin'
1.6 Family Hug
1.7 Get Your Elbows Off the Table (Please)
1.8 I Want Dessert for Dinner
1.9 I Wanna Do It By Myself
1.10 Give a Little Love Away
1.11 Silly Kinda Day
1.12 Flyin'
1.13 Dinosaur Swing

Bob McGrath: Sing Me a Story

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