Bob Saget: Zero To Sixty

Bob Saget: Zero To Sixty
Title: Zero To Sixty
Label: Comedy Dynamics
Product Type: VINYL LP

Zero To Sixty - Bob Saget - For the first time in 3 years, the world's favorite tv dad has returned to his true form and he is funnier and raunchier than ever! Legend, Bob Saget brings the dark side of comedy to the Big Apple; taking the audience on a stroll through his brain that is rude, crude and not recommended for those who are offended easily.

1.1 Prologue - Just Bob Talkin' Personal
1.2 Brooklyn Enjoys a Good Penis Joke Just Like the Rest of the Free World
1.3 I Just Wanna Entertain People
1.4 Relationships Are Challenging
1.5 Growin' Up
1.6 My Roots of Comedy: Inheriting More of My Dad's Sense of Humor
1.7 TV Dads - Good to Bad
1.8 Girlfriends - Age Is Not Just a Number
1.9 From Love, to the Day After Pill, to Babies
1.10 Bad Gigs Only I Could Remember
1.11 The Great Don Rickles ; a Joke He Wouldn't Have Approved of
1.12 Ludes in Cleveland, Working Blue, and Self-Deprication
1.13 Befriending Rodney Dangerfield
1.14 Viagra and Other Things That Have to Do with the Penis
1.15 Prostate Exams and the Fun That Goes with Them
1.16 From Climate Change to Hemorrhoids
1.17 Viagra, Volume
1.18 Fifty Shades of Grey, Ed Asner, the View
1.19 Why You Should Always Find a Joke from Russell Crowe Hilarious
1.20 The Loss of My Mom... And Her Return
1.21 Favorite Disney Heroines
1.22 My New Friend, Jake: On Stage with Bob
1.23 Song: The Girl Who Wore the Wings
1.24 Song: My Date with Helen
1.25 Song: Why Did She Leave?
1.26 Song: We've Got to Be Kind to Each Other
1.27 Epilogue - Still Explaining Myself

Bob Saget: Zero To Sixty

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