Bob: Singles & Eps

Bob: Singles & Eps
Title: Singles & Eps
Label: 3Loop Music

UK two CD collection. Following the acclaimed reissue of their sole album, Leave The Straight Life Behind, Bob return with an anthology of all their singles, many appearing on CD for the first time. The band's most well-known single, 'Convenience', a John Peel favorite, opens this set and the CD is then a chronological run through of the key songs from the various singles and EPs. Disc Two includes many of their b-sides and EP tracks including their debut 1986 flexi disc. All tracks bar 'Convenience' appear on CD for the very first time having all only ever been released on vinyl previously.

1.1 Convenience
1.2 What a Performance
1.3 Deary Me
1.4 Piggery
1.5 Kirsty
1.6 The Hippy Goes Fishing
1.7 Banwell Blues No.2
1.8 I Fall Upon the Thorns of Life! I Bleed!!
1.9 Thinking Wishful
1.10 Esmerelda Brooklyn
1.11 I Don't Know
1.12 Flagpole
1.13 My Blood Is Drink
1.14 Daymaker
1.15 Rain
1.16 Tired
2.1 Prune (Your Tree)
2.2 Groove
2.3 Brian Wilson's Bed
2.4 Memory of a Free Lunch
2.5 Worra Performance
2.6 Bocker Spammy
2.7 Smelly Summer
2.8 Times Like These
2.9 Convenience (Demo Version)
2.10 So Far, So Good
2.11 Sink
2.12 Flagpole (Demo Version)
2.13 My Blood Is Drink (Demo Version)
2.14 Tired (Demo Version)
2.15 Time and Again
2.16 Skylark
2.17 Tyred

Bob: Singles & Eps

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