Bobby Charles: Later Alligator Recordings & Compositions 1955-62

Bobby Charles: Later Alligator Recordings & Compositions 1955-62
Title: Later Alligator Recordings & Compositions 1955-62
Label: Acrobat

Born Robert Guidry in Abbeville, Louisiana, in 1938, he became famous as songwriter under his birth name, but also had success as a recording artist under the name Bobby Charles, beginning his career as an 18-year-old with an R&B hit with his composition "Later Alligator", which Bill Haley covered to have a No. 6 pop hit early in the rock 'n' roll era. He was very much a pioneer of the Louisiana-based Swamp Pop style alongside Jimmy Clanton, characterised by recordings emanating from Cosimo Matassa's studio in New Orleans, where Fats Domino, a noted beneficiary of Guidry's songs, made his records. This 55-track 2-CD set comprises A & B sides and other recordings for the Chess and Imperial labels, including his R&B hits "Later Alligator" and "Only Time Will Tell". As a bonus, it also features recordings of his songs recorded by other artists, including the hits "See You Later Alligator" by Bill Haley, "Walkin' To New Orleans", "Before I Grow Too Old" and "It Keeps Raining" by Fats Domino, and "But I Do", "On Bended Knees" and "A Little Too Much" by Clarence 'Frogman' Henry. As such, it provides a fascinating showcase for his talents as both songwriter and artist, underlining the significant contribution he made to the pop music of the rock 'n' roll years.

1.1 Later Alligator
1.2 On Bended Knee
1.3 Don't You Know I Love You
1.4 Why Did You Leave
1.5 Only Time Will Tell
1.6 Take It Easy, Greasy
1.7 No Use Knocking
1.8 Laura Lee
1.9 Put Your Arms Around Me Honey
1.10 Why Can't You
1.11 You Can Suit?Yourself
1.12 No More (I?Ain't Gonna Do It)
1.13 One Eyed Jack
1.14 Yea Yea Baby (Yeah Yeah)
1.15 Hey Good Lookin'
1.16 Watch It Sprocket
1.17 Ain't Got No Home
1.18 Lonely?Street
1.19 Mr Moon
1.20 I'm A?Fool To Care
1.21 Over Yonder
1.22 I'll Turn Square For You
1.23 Good Lovin'
1.24 Your Picture
1.25 Since She's Gone
1.26 At The Jamboree
1.27 Oh! Yeah
1.28 Since I Lost You
2.1 The Town Is Talking
2.2 What Can I Do
2.3 Bye Bye Baby
2.4 Those Eyes
2.5 What?A?Party
2.6 I Just Want You
2.7 Four Winds
2.8 Nothing?As Sweet As You
2.9 Teenagers
2.10 Tell Me Baby
2.11 I'd Like To Know
2.12 Lovesick Blues
2.13 See You Later Alligator
2.14 See You
2.15 Later Alligator
2.16 Yea Yea Baby (Yeah Yeah)
2.17 Before I Grow Too Old
2.18 Good Lovin'
2.19 Walking To New Orleans
2.20 But I Do
2.21 It Keeps Raining
2.22 Why Can't You
2.23 Dog House
2.24 Little Suzy
2.25 Your Picture
2.26 On Bended Knees
2.27 A Little Too Much

Bobby Charles: Later Alligator Recordings & Compositions 1955-62

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