Bobby Pinson

Bobby Pinson: Songs for Somebody

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bobby Pinson

Artist: Bobby Pinson
Title: Songs for Somebody

Ori. Release '07, third album from one of Nashville's most talented songwriters, includes his own rendition of "Right to Be Wrong" and "Takin' Up Space" (previously recorded by Van Zant), "If I Don't Make It Back" (previously recorded by Tracy Lawrence).

1.1 Back in My Drinkin' Days
1.2 Just to Prove I Could
1.3 Don't Think I Don't Think About It
1.4 Right to Be Wrong
1.5 If I Met God Tonight
1.6 I Probably Will
1.7 This Close to Heaven
1.8 Past Comin' Back
1.9 Takin' Up Space
1.10 If I Don't Make It Back
1.11 The Miles

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