Bobby Wright: Blood Of An American

Bobby Wright: Blood Of An American
Title: Blood Of An American
Label: Melodies Int'l
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Seven inch vinyl pressing. It is Melodies International's greatest pleasure to bring forth it's latest reissue comprising two stripped-back, reflective pieces of US folk soul. Largely forgotten for the past forty-odd years, Bobby Wright (now Abu Talib)'s 'Blood Of An American' and 'Everyone Should Have His Day' resurface as politically-infused works that shine bright and still hold meaning to this day. The '60s and '70s constituted an exceptional era for it's unique blend of popular culture and political radicalism. After one band member was killed in Vietnam and another went into the service, Abu resolved to pick up his guitar and record these songs as a duet in 1974 with his bassist the only other remaining band member. Combining guitar, bass and a voice that quavers with emotion he self-released the record in 1974, one which holds it's own alongside the all-time greats. These songs of introspection remind us of the beauty there is in simplicity and how moving art can be when the feelings expressed come from the heart. This single is released in it's original 7" format alongside a 16-page Melozine, featuring words from Abu Talib, social studies professor Paul Rekret and much more.

1.1 Blood of An American
1.2 Everyone Should Have His Day

Bobby Wright: Blood Of An American

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