Body Music

Body Music: Don't Think Twice

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Artist: Body Music

Artist: Body Music
Title: Don't Think Twice
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Twelve inch vinyl pressing. It's been a long time between drinks for Body Music, a duo formed by Vito Roccoforte from NYC and Bosq from Medellin that have been strangely silent since tickling our fancy with a superb debut EP on Razor N Tape Reserve in early 2017. "Don't Think Twice", the lead cut from this belated follow-up, offers a neat summary of their developing sound, with guest vocalist Christian Holiday singing soulfully over cowbell-heavy disco percussion, dazzling nu-disco synth stabs and a Chicago house style analogue bassline. Holiday is also in fine form on slower flipside "Give My Love A Try", a seductive affair where chiming melodies and dreamy synths slowly rise above a glassy-eyed nu-disco groove. Two rock solid instrumentals complete a quietly impressive package.

1.1 Don't Think Twice
1.2 Don't Think Twice (Instrumental)
1.3 Give My Love a Try
1.4 Give My Love a Try (Instrumental)

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