Bolzer: Lese Majesty

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Artist: Bolzer

Artist: Bolzer
Title: Lese Majesty
Product Type: VINYL LP

Bölzer is a remarkable Swiss-Antipodean duo capable of conjuring up mighty barriers of sound with nothing but a ten-stringed guitar and an almost ritualistic percussion style. The pair describe their own stage experience as a form of spiritual rapture, an atavistic vortex woven together from the profound union of spectacle meeting spectator on a deeper plane. In the interests of extended independence and the homogenous aesthetic they are well known for, the band have taken measures to make the bulk of their popular back catalogue available on vinyl via their own label Lightning & Sons. Resuming where the bombastic romanticism of Hero left off, Lese Majesty rings true of it's namesake, the uncompromising voice of an heretic granted contemporary audience. Recorded in Five Lakes Studio, Bavaria by Thomas Taube, Lese Majesty showcases the band with the organic honesty and intensity they intend to be heard.

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