Bomb the Bass

Bomb the Bass: Into the Dragon Plus

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Bomb the Bass

Title: Into the Dragon Plus
Label: Cherry Pop

Digitally re-mastered and expanded edition of the 1988 debut album from Tim Simenon AKA Bomb the Bass including bonus tracks. The album is a successful blend of breakbeats, samples and scratching, first witnessed on their debut and from nowhere single 'Beat Dis' that reached #2 in the UK singles charts. Features contributions made by Merlin, 23 Skidoo and Nellee Hooper. This reissue features four bonus tracks, alternative mixes of their hit singles taken from the album. The CD booklet includes sleeve notes and a UK discography. Cherry Pop. 2010.

1.1 Beat Dis (Us 7" Mix)
1.2 Megablast Rap (Version) Featuring Merlin
1.3 On the Cut
1.4 Don't Make Me Wait
1.5 Dynamite Beats
1.6 Mega Blast (Hip Hop on Precinct 13)
1.7 Hey You!
1.8 Shake It
1.9 Say a Little Prayer
1.10 Beat Dat (Freestyle Scratch Mix)
1.11 Beat Dis (Gangster Boogie Inc. Remix)
1.12 Don't Make Me Wait (Maximum Frequency Mix)
1.13 Megablast (Original Rap Featuring Merlin)
1.14 Say a Little Prayer (Get Down ; Pray Mix)

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