Bon Jovi: Circle-Deluxe International Edition

Bon Jovi: Circle-Deluxe International Edition
Title: Circle-Deluxe International Edition
Label: Universal

2009 Import Deluxe Edition 2-disc CD/DVD (NTSC/Region 0) album set. 26 years into an incredible career, Jon, Richie, Tico and David just keep sweeping all before them, fresh from being named as the world's biggest touring band in 2008, they sound as vital as ever. This 2-disc edition comprises the 12-track CD album [produced by John Shanks] featuring the anthemic single 'We Weren't Born to Follow'; plus a Bonus Region 0 DVD including the 'When We Were Beautiful' documentary by filmmaker Phil Griffin, which sheds fascinating light into the usually hidden world of a global rock band. Universal. 2009.

1.1 We Weren't Born to Follow
1.2 When We Were Beautiful
1.3 Work for the Working Man
1.4 Superman Tonight
1.5 Bullet
1.6 Thorn in My Side
1.7 Live Before You Die
1.8 Brokenpromiseland
1.9 Love's the Only Rule
1.10 Fast Cars
1.11 Happy Now
1.12 Learn to Love
1.13 Bonus DVD: When We Were Beautiful Documentary

Bon Jovi: Circle-Deluxe International Edition

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