Boogie Belgique

Boogie Belgique: Nightwalker 1

$12.02 $13.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Boogie Belgique

Title: Nightwalker 1
Label: Le Plan

A nostalgic mélange of trip hop, nu jazz and electro, Boogie Belgique is the recording project of Belgian producer/DJ Oswald Cromheecke. Boogie Belgique's music can be described as a fusion of old and new, vintage yet innovative music that you can play on a dance floor or in your living room. In anticipation of his upcoming 2021 album, Le Plan Recordings offers up some of Boogie Belgique's back catalog including a first time vinyl release of Nightwalker Vol. 1, which contains the classic "Forever and Ever" and the lounge-bar favorite "Dance With The Democrat."

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