Boohgaloo Zoo

Boohgaloo Zoo: Testify

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Boohgaloo Zoo

Title: Testify
Label: Lovemonk
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Testify" is the second single taken from Boohgaloo Zoo's stunning self-titled debut album. U-Gene goes all out on the vocals while the bassline and synth stabs are clearly in the business of tearing roofs off suckers. Heavy 21st century funk! The remixes make sure that those who like to shake their behinds to something more up-tempo get with the program as well - Soulphiction goes to work on the track not once but twice in a full-on boogie mix and one that is more on the minimal side, while Hot Chip's Joe Goddard takes it to very late night club territories. Background info: Boohgaloo Zoo are K'bonus and U-Gene, two veterans of the Belgian and Dutch music scenes respectively. After meeting at the 10 Days Off festival in Ghent the duo started sending each other beats and tracks and soon enough a full album was in the making. K'bonus' beats and samples and U-Gene's vocals and keys are a match made in heaven, resulting in tunes reminiscent of Amp Fiddler, Chromeo, Arthur Russell and Funkadelic. All at the same time!

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