Bosq: Take Over

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
Artist: Bosq

Title: Take Over
Label: Ubiquity Records
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

The second 12" off Bosq's sophomore full-length takes on a darker and more aggressive tone, enlisting the help of frequent collaborator Kaleta to get their powerful message across. The A-side features the familiar pairing of Bosq and Benin born & Nigerian raised singer Kaleta (formerly of Fela's Egypt 80) on their heaviest collaboration to date. Kaleta laments the struggle of the common man on the first half of the song before both the music and the lyrics strike back urging a "take over" of those oppressive systems. The incessant rhythm and driving groove laying the perfect foundation, echoing Fela's "Music Is The Weapon Of The Future" mantra. The B-side is another heavy slab of dense percussion and an afrobeat style horn section with a groove that falls somewhere between afro-latin, dancehall, and house. Horn genius Evan Laflamme handles the entirety of the section as well as ripping a Baritone solo that anchors the track in the middle and perfectly walks the line between musicality and groove. The 12" was envisioned and carried out during a time of immense frustration for the very politically minded Bosq and that emotion colors the sound of the record through both tracks.

1.1 Take Over
1.2 Bounce and Pull Up

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