Bowerbirds: Upper Air

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Artist: Bowerbirds

Artist: Bowerbirds
Title: Upper Air

The follow-up to 2007's acclaimed HYMNS FOR A DARK HORSE. UPPER AIR moves away from the singular sound and sentiment; each song is a unique, beautiful piece. The arrangements are subtle: acoustic guitars, organ, piano, autoharp, violin, percussion, upright bass, and more are used throughout. This music has the spirit of Richard and Linda Thompson, the currency of Devendra Banhart, and the addictively sweet melodicism of Iron & Wine, but it churns with an underlying energy closer to a Beirut or something more raw, more wild.

1.1 House of Diamonds
1.2 Teeth
1.3 Silver Clouds
1.4 Beneath Your Tree
1.5 Ghost Life
1.6 Northern Lights
1.7 Chimes
1.8 Bright Future
1.9 Crooked Lust
1.10 This Day

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