Boy 8-Bit

Boy 8-Bit: Still Killing

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Artist: Boy 8-Bit

Artist: Boy 8-Bit
Title: Still Killing
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Over the last few years, BOY 8-BIT has become widely known as a "producer's producer". Blending ingenuity with pure talent and super attention to detail, he has found a unique way of bringing house music fans something they haven't heard anywhere else. Following his well received "Suspense Is Killing Me" EP, remixes slowly trickled in and a year or so later we've come up with a great little package! Kicking things off is PHILIPE DE BOYAR's gated, monster-synth dancefloor remix of the title track, which has been Boy 8-Bit's version of choice in the club for a long time. The ever-evolving producer MEMORY TAPES gives us a totally unique remix of "Cricket Scores," flipping dreamy synths into death metal inspired double kickdrum madness. Guaranteed to blow a few minds. In an inspired move, Helskinki's OBI BLANCHE features a beautiful live saxophone melody on his mix of "Bulbs Burn Out," dropping it into a moving, breathing kick house banger with just the right amount of sax. Boy 8-Bit takes over the B-side with his own remix of "Cricket Scores" featuring a brilliant synthline that's like half disco half techno flavor. And lastly, "Ghost House," his sequel / brother to "Suspense Is Killing Me." Simply an awesome track that touches on influences from classic rave to breakbeat. Vinyl features a full color sleeve with artwork by Nicholas Grazin. Vinyl is full color picture sleeve & some nice details (spot varnish).

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