Boy Golden

Boy Golden: Church Of Better Daze

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Boy Golden

Title: Church Of Better Daze
Label: Six Shooter Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Boy Golden has a purpose: enjoy each day and make good music. Founder and minister of the Church of Better Daze, he wants to help people seeking to improve on yesterday's themes. His songs, like hymns, are hopeful, fresh and upbeat. "KD and Lunch Meat" is fluorescent and fun, like it's namesake, and easily ingested. "Something to Work Towards" searches for the meaning in life, while "Smoke on the Breeze" and "Any Way It Works" are warm, tender and linger like perfume. "Church of Better Daze" is the inspirational, musical manifesto. The harmonies are the collective idea of working together, the mellow melodies keep our hopes alive and the lyrics are golden rules to live by: Follow your heart / Make good art / Call your momma / Work real hard. Redefining jam band and stoner cultures by turning dead heads into lively brains, Boy Golden wants to unite us all in a hazy dream under one roof. "We're all the same at the Church of Better Daze," he sings. Find unity in the congregation of these 11 tracks, which redefine the precedent for collaboration, common goals and cannabis. If you're open to learn, and can speak your truth, you can blaze and still get paid in Boy Golden's Church of Better Daze.

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