Bracken: High Passes

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Bracken

Artist: Bracken
Title: High Passes
Product Type: VINYL LP

High Passes is an album from Hood co-founder Chris Adams under his Bracken moniker. It's his most far-reaching and ambitious work yet. High Passes is a record made for both huddled northern terraced streets and imaginary basement clubs. From the opening Portishead-ish kraut-thump of "Slow Release" to the sunny side up, LA inflected, hip-hop lollop of "Invest In Aquacar", to the faded '70s analog synth swirl of "Branch Hid Sky" and the sumptuous electronic pop of "Ghostly", High Passes is a calling card for Adams' versatility and his remarkable production and songwriting skills.

1.1 Slow Release
1.2 Ghostly
1.3 November Day
2.1 Half Recalled
2.2 Branch Hid Sky
2.3 Invest in Aquacar
2.4 Guiding Hand
3.1 Masked Headlands
3.2 You're Unstoppable
3.3 How Is This a Cure?
4.1 Ravenser Odd II
4.2 Still Here
4.3 Ten Years

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