Brenk Sinatra: Midnite Ride Ii

Brenk Sinatra: Midnite Ride Ii
Title: Midnite Ride Ii
Label: Hhv.De
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing. Four years after the release of Midnite Ride, one of Brenk Sinatra's most cohesive albums, fans and music connoisseurs now have every reason to be excited about this instrumental classic's sequel. It was never really possible to box Brenk's detailed production work into a specific category. It's the same this time: Midnite Ride II is building bridges between boom-bap and trap music, two sub-genres that all too often seemed to be impossible to unite in the past. The album resonates with Brenk's current state of mind like none of his previous projects regarding sound aesthetic. Nevertheless, Midnite Ride II delivers a seamless sequel to the first part of the series while at the same time opening up completely new spheres within the sound universe that the beat authority from Vienna lives in. With Midnite Ride II, Brenk delivers proof that it is possible to stay true to your musical base but to also develop your sound in an organic and up-to-date way. So, enter your mind's cinema, the resumption of the nocturnal trip through Brenk's instrumental universe is just about to start.

1.1 Lane 2 Lane
1.2 Killah
1.3 Moonlight
1.4 Up in the Sky
1.5 Smell Smoke
1.6 Get High Feat. Symtex128
1.7 Nothin' Changed
1.8 Fly Shit (Forever Nip)
1.9 Bombay Leanin' Feat. Saiko
1.10 Dali '96
1.11 Ridin' Round Solo
1.12 So Magnificent
1.13 Issey Miyake
1.14 Never Been Feat. Dexter
1.15 Who Haten Feat. Tha Chill, Bad Azz, Mac Lucci ; Kat
1.16 2 the Moon
1.17 Throwin' Monnay
1.18 Slow Dine - Speed Up
1.19 100 Jahre Paper
1.20 Pure (LLNH) Feat. Fid Mella ; Lex Lugner

Brenk Sinatra: Midnite Ride Ii

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