Brian's Imaginary Jukebox: Discreet Ruminations: Brian's Imaginary Jukebox: Discreet Ruminations & Oblique 45s /Various

Title: Brian's Imaginary Jukebox: Discreet Ruminations & Oblique 45s /Various
Label: Righteous

2018 two CD collection inspired by the spurious idea that Brain Eno might just have a jukebox (or two) of weird sounds housing mind-blowing pop and ambient sounds. Featuring a disc of suitably inspirational wonky pop music alongside a disc of vintage ambient musings to cater for each and every oblique occurrence. Disc one includes the original versions of Eno covered classics 'Fever' and 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' along with inspirational sound purveyors as diverse as Little Richard, Gene Chandler, Sun Ra and Moondog along with a gaggle of uplifting spiritual classics. While disc two traces the roots of ambient music from Ornette Coleman and Miles Davis through Daphne Oram and Raymond Scott to Harry Partch and Marcel Duchamp.

1.1 Ooh! My Soul - Little Richard
1.2 Take My Love (I Want to Give It All to You) - Little Willie John
1.3 Life's Too Short - the Lafayettes
1.4 The Lion Sleeps Tonight - the Tokens
1.5 Diamonds and Pearls - the Paradons
1.6 Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah - Bob B Soxx ; the Blue Jeans
1.7 Mother-In-Law - Ernie K Doe
1.8 Duke of Earl - Gene Chandler ; the Dukays
1.9 Bring It on Home to Me - Sam Cooke
1.10 Fever - Little Willie John
1.11 You're So Fine - the Falcons
1.12 This Bitter Earth - Dinah Washington
1.13 Night and Day - Raymond Scott
1.14 The Nearness of You - Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
1.15 Dreaming - the Cosmic Rays with Sun Ra and His Arkestra
1.16 Song of the Second Moon - Tom Dissevelt and Kid Baltan
1.17 All Is Loneliness - Moondog
1.18 Goodnight Irene - Leadbelly
1.19 Get Away Jordan (I Want to Cross Over) - Dorothy Love Coates and the Original Gospel Harmonettes
1.20 Go Where I Send Thee - the Golden Gate Quartet
1.21 Just As Sweet As He Can Be - James Cleveland with the Gospel Chimes
1.22 I Gave My Love a Cherry - Tennessee Ernie Ford
1.23 I'll Fly Away - Jim Reeves
1.24 In Them Old Cottonfields Back Home - Johnny Cash
2.1 Lonely Woman - Ornette Coleman
2.2 So What - Miles Davis
2.3 Dream - John Cage
2.4 Come Back to Earth with Me - Louis and Bebe Barron
2.5 Fordommelse (Excerpt) - Else Marie Pade
2.6 Rhythmic Variations I - Daphne Oram
2.7 Low Speed (Excerpt) - Otto Luening
2.8 Ectoplasm - Raymond Scott
2.9 Ignition - Thomas Dissevelt
2.10 Three Single Sounds Taken in Canon I - Daphne Oram
2.11 Sleepy Time - Raymond Scott
2.12 Atmospheres (Excerpt) - Gyorgy Ligeti
2.13 Piece for Tape Recorder (Excerpt) - Vladimir Ussachevsky
2.14 Suite No. 1 - First Movement - Moondog
2.15 Ostinato Pianissimo - Henry Cowell
2.16 The Bewitched - Scene 1 - Harry Partch
2.17 Erratum Musical (For Three Voices) - Marcel Duchamp

Brian's Imaginary Jukebox: Discreet Ruminations: Brian's Imaginary Jukebox: Discreet Ruminations & Oblique 45s /Various

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