Brick: Summer Heat / After 5

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Brick

Title: Summer Heat / After 5
Label: Funkytown Grooves

Digitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of albums by the R&B band. Although best remembered for their chart-topping 1976 single "Dazz," Brick nevertheless carved a nice niche for themselves in the annuals of jazzy funk and the release of their final album, Summer Heat, saw them exit the stage in a blaze of glory. Under the nimble fingers of producer Ray Parker, Jr., they hashed together a solid set, and with this rich musical portfolio that helped Brick reach back to their own halcyon days to create such a superb sound. The urgent "Sweat (Til You Get Wet)" is pure early era Brick, packed with solid horn breaks, sexy guitars, and jamming bridge. As a single, the song deservedly returned the band back in the Top Ten. "Wide Open" also reins in the beat enough to create an instant party. But, although we know that Brick can stand alone with energetic funk fests, the band also proves themselves equally proficient and comfortable with a mellower mood. Both "Sea Side Vibes" and the Ray Parker, Jr.-penned "Babe" are also effective soul ballads. After 5 is a classy title, and a record with grooves that are even classier than usual for Brick thanks to a style that seems to bring up a jazzy vibe a bit more on some cuts, while still keeping things in the tightly funky mode of their roots! There's definitely a prime Brick sound going on here that wicked wrapping of bass, keyboards, and drums the group laid down on their debut but the whole thing's also taken a bit further, too almost echoing some of the more complicated changes of the '80s groove generation. Titles include "Stick By You", "Let It Roll", "It's A New Day", "Peace Of Mind", "When You Believe", "Free Dancer", and "Wild & Crazy". And, even though Brick disbanded not long after After 5 and Summer Heat, they managed to cap a musical canon with panache. Not many bands can claim that feat.

1.1 Sweat (Till You Get Wet)
1.2 I Want You to Know (That I'm in Love with You)
1.3 Wide Open
1.4 Sea Side Vibes
1.5 Right Back (Where I Started from)
1.6 Babe
1.7 The Happening
1.8 Summer Heat
1.9 Sure Feels Good
1.10 Stick By You
1.11 It's a New Day
1.12 Let It Roll
1.13 Wild ; Crazy
1.14 Peace of Mind
1.15 When You Believe
1.16 Free Dancer
1.17 Anymore

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