Bridezilla: First Dance

Bridezilla: First Dance
Title: First Dance
Label: Inertia

After two years of feverish anticipation, Sydney five-piece Bridezilla present their stunning debut, 'The First Dance'. Produced by Kramer (Low, Palace Songs) & mastered by Greg Calbi (Grizzly Bear, Modest Mouse) 'The First Dance' boasts a unique blend of fragile folk, twisted jazz, & wandering pop, clearly displaying why they are being heralded as one of the most compelling new Australian bands in years!

1.1 Lunar Eclipse
1.2 Beaches
1.3 Queen of Hearts
1.4 Speaking to Soft Toys
1.5 Tailback
1.6 Shipping Man
1.7 Heart You Hold
1.8 Soft Porn
1.9 Magnetic Arrest
1.10 Lottery Tickets
1.11 Western Front
1.12 Forth and Fine
1.13 White Feather
1.14 The Last Dance

Bridezilla: First Dance

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