Brigth Engelberts & the B.E. Movement

Brigth Engelberts & the B.E. Movement: Tolambo Funk

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: Tolambo Funk
Label: Hot Casa
Product Type: VINYL LP

Tolambo Funk LP Reissue A killer and obcure rare afro funk album from an unknown Cameroonese bass player and lead singer. Recorded in EMI studio in Lagos in 1978, the sound is definitely echoes of the soul funk American scene mixed with deep afro harmonies, great horn section & tremendous percussions. Few tracks were bootlegged few years ago but Hot casa record is proud to present the entire reissue of this gem - remastered. Civilisation In The World Free Me Now Tolambo Funk Let Me Near Them Say Get Together Shifty Hand Woman

1.1 Civilisation in the World: Tile Track
1.2 Free Me Now
1.3 Tolambo Funk
2.1 Let Me Hear Them Say
2.2 Get Together
2.3 Shifty Hand Woman

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