Broadcast: Broadcast & Focus Group: Investigate Wich Cults of

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Artist: Broadcast

Artist: Broadcast
Title: Broadcast & Focus Group: Investigate Wich Cults of

BROADCAST are back with a new unique psychedelic collaborative album with renowned graphic and musical artist JULIAN HOUSE (aka THE FOCUS GROUP) titled, 'Broadcast & the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age'. BROADCAST (Trish Keenan & James Cargill), have collaborated with renowned designer Julian House (aka the Focus Group) to create a unique album pulling in both collaborators' unique sense of melody and love of library music and film scores. After a long hiatus, it can be said with confidence that Broadcast's return is greeted with much anticipation. from their beginnings in 1995, Broadcast's aesthetic has remained a combination of their love for film, library music and electronics with psych-pop color - a style which has gained them an enthusiastic fan base including musicians such as FLYING LOTUS, STEREOLAB, GRIZZLY BEAR, ATLAS SOUND (who they are now sharing a co-headline tour of the US) and DANGERMOUSE. Their music is also a popular choice for film and TV, feat. on the soundtracks of many films as well as TV shows such as "The L-Word", "Skins" and "CSI".

1.1 Intro/Magnetic Tales
1.2 The Be Colony
1.3 How Do You Get Along Sir?
1.4 Will You Read Me
1.5 Reception/Group Therapy
1.6 A Quiet Moment
1.7 I See, So I See So
1.8 You Must Wake
1.9 One Million Years Ago
1.10 A Seancing Song
1.11 Mr. Beard, You Chatterbox
1.12 Drug Party
1.13 Libra, the Mirror's Minor Self
1.14 Love's Long Listen-In
1.15 We Are After All Here
1.16 A Medium's High
1.17 Ritual/Looking in
1.18 Make My Sleep His Song
1.19 Royal Chant
1.20 What I Saw
1.21 Let It Begin/Oh Joy
1.22 Round and Round and Round
1.23 The Be Colony/Dashing Home/What on Earth Took You?

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