Brogan Bentley

Brogan Bentley: Snake

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Artist: Brogan Bentley

Artist: Brogan Bentley
Title: Snake
Product Type: VINYL LP

Brogan Bentley first appeared on Leaving Records in 2012 with a tantalizingly brief self-titled cassette EP. After a highly productive incubation period, the young producer returns with his debut LP, the Snake. It's 12 compositions writhe, slink and crawl through the dark and hazy fog-scape of Bentley's home of San Francisco in the Year of the Snake. According to the producer, "The Snake is a sonic documentation of coming into new skin, living in it and shedding it."

1.1 The Difference
1.2 Dawn
1.3 No Less
1.4 Heal
1.5 Last Light
1.6 What If I Fall
1.7 Secret Strength
1.8 The Wolf
1.9 Smoke
1.10 Give Myself to You
1.11 St. John
1.12 Goodbye

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