Brook Benton

Brook Benton: Early Years 1953-59

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Artist: Brook Benton

Artist: Brook Benton
Title: Early Years 1953-59

This collection follows on from the two previous best selling volumes from Jasmine, (JASCD687 & JASCD744). Presented this time is kind of a prequel, which as the title suggests, focuses on his early years which show the breadth and scope of his talent, both as a songwriter and balladeer in gospel and doo wop groups. Includes his very first chart single 'A Million Miles from Nowhere' and plenty of rare and collectable material including demo sessions that he recorded during his rise to fame. This is the first time this material has been released in one package. There really is no denying the smooth, persuasive, gospel-based crooning that Brook Benton delivers as he melts the hearts of anyone who is lucky enough to listen. Compiled by Opal Nations who also wrote the fully detailed liner notes.

1.1 When I Grow Too Old to Dream
1.2 Somebody to Love
1.3 Ooh
1.4 The Kentuckian Song
1.5 Bring Me Love
1.6 Some of My Best Friends
1.7 Love Made Me Your Fool
1.8 Give Me a Sign
1.9 The Wall
1.10 All My Love Belongs to You
1.11 Rock 'N' Roll That Rhythm (All Nite Long)
1.12 Anything for You
1.13 Tell Me
1.14 Partners for Life
1.15 Can I Help It
1.16 You Should Have Told Me
1.17 I Wanna Do Everything for You
1.18 Come on, Be Nice
1.19 If Only I Had Known
1.20 Your Love Alone
1.21 A Million Miles from Nowhere
1.22 Devoted
1.23 Because You Love Me
1.24 Crinoline Skirt
1.25 Crazy in Love with You
1.26 I'm Coming Back to You
1.27 Only Your Love
1.28 You're for Me
1.29 Sentimental Daddy-O
1.30 A Door That Is Open
1.31 Ain't It Good
1.32 One Love Too Many
1.33 Don't Walk Away from Me
1.34 May I
1.35 You're Movin' Me
1.36 Nothing in the World
1.37 Next Stop Paradise
1.38 Keep Me in Mind
1.39 I'll Never Stop Trying
1.40 Walking Together
1.41 What a Kiss Won't Do
1.42 Come on Let's Go
1.43 My Love Will Last
1.44 Come Back My Love
1.45 A Lover's Question
1.46 I'll Stop Anything I'm Doing
1.47 Everything Will Be Alright
1.48 Completely
1.49 The Rest of the Way
1.50 I'll Meet You After Church Next Sunday
1.51 This Bitter Earth
1.52 Looking Back
1.53 Mark My Word
1.54 Doggone Baby Doggone
1.55 You Can't Get Away from Me
1.56 Ninety-Nine Percent
1.57 Steppin' Out Tonight
1.58 A New Love
1.59 Jesus Lover of My Soul
1.60 The Devil Is a Real Bright Boy
1.61 I Dreamed of a City Called Heaven
1.62 You Ain't Got Faith

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